Identifying a problem is just the first step of resolution. In looking to identify why members of public safety communities leave the community a number of reasons were identified, and they all boiled down to this: Leadership, physical health and mental health. In an effort to build resiliency in all public safety communities, we are hosting this symposium. We are bringing in speakers and experts in their fields to discuss overcoming the challenges of helping to keep good people at work in their fields.
JP Dinnell – Member of Echelon Front leadership consultants


We are happy to say though, that the Symposium will go on, and we have filled his spot with another speaker with a great leadership message. P.J. Langmaid will be speaking in his stead, and we are excited to hear his take on leadership in the public safety world. So, please, join us.

If you have already registered for the symposium with the understanding that JP will be there, and you would like a refund, please contact us ASAP and we will be happy to work with you. Thank you!


Andy Stumpf – Host of the “Cleared Hot” Podcast

Andy was born and raised in Northern California. He enlisted in the Navy while still a junior in high school, entering military service in 1996.  After completing boot camp he began the most grueling training program in the US Military - Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL, known as BUD/s. Andy graduated and began his SEAL career attached to SEAL Team Five, in Coronado California. 

In 2002 he screened for and joined the most elite counter-terrorism unit in the military, SEAL Team Six.  This unit is tasked with conducting the nation's most critical missions. While on a combat deployment an Iraqi insurgent shot Andy at close range with an AK-47.  Doctors told him it would be years, if ever, before he recovered the use of his leg and returned to full active duty. 

In 2006, Andy returned to the Naval Special Warfare Center as the Leading Petty Officer for 2nd Phase BUD/s training.  In 2008, he became the first E-6 selection commissioned through the Limited Duty Officer Program in the history of Naval Special Warfare.  Upon commissioning, he joined SEAL Team Three and completed his final combat tour to Afghanistan. 


Throughout his 17-year career, Andy executed hundreds of combat operations throughout the world in support of the Global War on Terror.  


Although no longer wearing a uniform, Andy continues to fight for the SEAL community, and their families. After entering the private sector, Andy founded a consulting firm dedicated to ensuring that the lessons learned from over a decade of sustained combat are retained, refined, and utilized by leaders. 



Ric Jorge –

Ric Jorge has been a firefighter for Palm Beach County, Florida, since 1992. He is also Florida certified Instructor I and a Live Fire Instructor. He has taught classes on a variety of subject and his personal, passionate focus is on Stress Inoculation Training (SIT). Instructors should be teaching our men and women how to be successful, not to settle for failure–how to live, not die. Panic and anxiety can lead to disorientation and affect the decision-making process. SIT introduces students to fire service training models that can help them manage these problems. Students are encouraged to prepare your mind for where the body will have to go.” They were reminded that in adverse circumstances on the fireground, firefighters do not rise to the occasion but instead default to their level of training. So if the devil is in the details, learn to train in hellish conditions.


Fit to Fight Fire –

John and Tom are both Denver Metro area firefighters that believe our level of fitness and training will make the difference between life and death for others. Every decision they make and action they take is filtered through this belief. This belief forms the mindset through which they live their person and professional lives. Fit to Fight Fire runs a blog and podcast to this end, discussing physical fitness issues as well as other topics surrounding public safety.


ResponderStrong –

Beginning in 2016, representatives from the emergency responder community in Aurora, Colorado teamed up with the National Mental Health Innovation Center at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. We have united representatives across Colorado from law enforcement, EMS, fire, and dispatch, as well as therapists and other experienced support professionals, to form a core group motivated to address these issues. As a result, the first attempt to mobilize mental wellness efforts across emergency responder sectors in Colorado emerged and the ResponderStrong™ organization was born. From 35 members in August 2016, the initiative has now grown to more than 500 members.
Our Work

ResponderStrong is committed to the notion that mental resiliency is vital to the overall performance and wellbeing of emergency responders from recruitment through retirement, as well as to their families, and the people and communities they serve. Functioning as an umbrella entity, we are responsible for creating an accessible network of existing resources, identifying and filling the gaps, creatively leveraging and amplifying existing expertise, and brokering partnerships to address unmet needs. Since our inception, we have:


  • Selected three initial arenas of focus –leadership, mental health supports, and systems – and established action-oriented work groups for each

  • Worked to identify and actively recruit any absent or underrepresented voices

  • Conducted a statewide survey of leaders regarding the state of responder mental health

  • Published the results: “Taking Care of Our Own: Mental Health among Colorado Emergency Responders”

  • Initiated an inventory of existing resources for emergency responder mental wellness

  • Created a Crisis Text Line partnership for emergency responders

  • Building upon this foundation, we continue to move forward supporting responders and their families!


SC4i –

Status: Code 4, Inc. was created following the numerous reports of First Responder suicides across the United States and Canada.  SC4I is in the unique position to intimately understand the stressors associated with being a First Responder.  The results of these stressors contribute to a vast number of issues.  These issues include depression, anxiety, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, divorce, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, their mission is to provide counseling and mental wellness educational services to First Responders and their family members.

The registration cost will cover attendance and lunch!!

Day 1
0800-1030: Fit to Fight Fire
1030-1200: ResponderStrong with SC4i
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1700: Andy Stumpf
Day 2
0800-1100: Ric Jorge
1100-1200: TBD
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1700: JP Dinnell
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